About Us


Kith & Kin is an ethical homeware company launched by Designer Ciara Phelan. With a focus on sustainability and community Kith & Kin aims to produce multifunctional lifestyle products that encourage a new consumerism philosophy advocating quality over quantity. 

Our ethos is to make every collection unique, whilst maintaining a central approach of reusing old imagery and mixing it with bold geometric shape and colour to create something new from the past and lasting for the future.  


We harness the creativity and skill of people in the local community to assemble our products in a positive environment that benefits both themselves and us.  To show our gratitude we make sure that every handmade product features the makers signature.


We believe that nothing should be throw away. Much like family and friends we want you to build a loving and long-lasting relationship with our products, we
exercise a conscious approach to fabric sourcing and are constantly seeking new ways to make our processes more environmentally friendly and sustainable. All our fabric based products are digitally printed in the UK using vegetable based inks. This process uses 60% less water than traditional methods and is therefore much kinder to mother nature. 

Life can be ever so serious and therefore we believe it is important to surround yourself with things that make you smile. Our products are fun, playful and unassuming, they are here to make you feel good about yourself. We love creating them and we want you to love having them.

Birds of Paradise main collection photographs by Emma Job - www.emmajob.com
Kith & Kin logo design by Tom Foley